Windows operating system is a business productivity tool and there are ways to make windows work better and easier for you.
Have you ever been in a situation on your computer  reviewing some sensitive material and someone may walk to your desk.  To protect what is on your screen simply use the  WINDOWS key and D key together to clear your screen immediately.  This is a great way to remove whatever you have on your screen and avoid any uncomfortable situation with the person approaching your desk.
Sometimes you are doing research on the web and you may have 10 or 20 different navigator windows open.  Sometimes we get lost in so many windows we have opened and may not realize which window has the important pages we need.  Normal thing to do is to close each tab / window using the X option –  however what iff  you closed a window that you did not want to close,  in this case,  all you have to do is to hold down  CTRL  SHIIFT and the key T to retrieve the closed window.  You can continue to click CTROL SHIFT and T until you find the page you want.
Here is another very useful shortcut.  If you have 2 different pages on the screen that you wish to place side by side to compare or read data from,  simply click on one page  and hold down the WINDOW key and use RIGHT ARROW   to move the page over to the left.  Then go to the second page and use WINDOW key and LEFT   ARROW key to place the page in the left and now both pages are side by side to compare or do whatever you wish.
These are just a few quick short-cuts any business windows user could use to become more productive.   Hope you enjoyed this short training session.  To learn about business productive training course we offer please view our services section or click here.
Excel is one of the most common business productivity tools.  There are a few short cuts that might help you maximize your productivity with this application.  While most people use the mouse with their excel, using the keyboard key strokes and save time and simplify some process for you.
CTRL Z or UNDO is a very important key stroke combination because many times we wipe out content of a cell unintentionally.   CTRL Z will allow you undo a deleted a cell content.
CTRL Y or REDO is another impressive key stroke combination because it will  REDO whatever was inside you a cell last in any specific cell.
CTRL S is a very good key combination.  This will save the content of your excel sheet. It is always a good practice to save your work.
There are 2 other key combination that is very helpful in using excel more efficiently those are CTRL C (copy command)  and CTRL X which is cut and CTRL V allows you to paste whatever you have in memory to the current cell.  These are very important short cuts every excel user can use to become more efficient and productive with excel.   To learn more about all of our business productivity and training courses please  see our services section or click here
Goal of every employee in a business is to work hard and make supervisor happy about the daily performance at work.  Our research shows that distraction   is one of the most common reasons for lack of productivity,  So here are some simple things you can to minimize distraction at your desk.
1.  Remove plants,  greeting cards from your desk.
2. Avoid multi-tasking.  Stay focus on one task at time.  Here is a more productive way to perform multiple tasks.  Setup a time limit for each task and perform that task for the specific amount of time for example 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, stop this task and start on task number two. This will help you stay focused on one task and not get distracted.
3. Limit amount of time you spend on each email.  If an email requires more than 2-3 minutes to respond, push it to the site and take care of it later time of the day.
4.  Take several short breaks during the work day.  Study shows looking constantly without a break on a computer screen will make your tired and less productive.   During these short breaks take a walk or stand up and go away from your computer screen.
5. Write a to do list for the next day before you complete your day.  This will help you start  your next day completely focused on tasks at hand.
These are just a few quick tips on how to become more productive at work.  To learn more about our business productivity and training courses please see our services section or click here.